Men’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

I don’t particularly like the pressure of Valentine’s Day. I think it’s more of a Hallmark Holiday anyway. You know, a holiday that exists primarily for commercial purposes. It starts in elementary school when you have to buy everyone in the class a little 4×4 card with a sucker glued to it (don’t be the kid that only gives out cards and no candy). Then it goes to high school when you get your gifts compared to all your friend’s gifts (don’t be the guy who got the carnations instead of the roses). And then today, a money racket… $12 for a regular card…not even the ones that sing a song, $25 just for the cheap flowers, inflated prices for the “special” Valentine’s Dinner. I mean, the Waffle House is even cashing in this year having a Valentine’s Day dinner special. Oh, and don’t forget that what you do or do not do on this day will be remembered forever.


My wife loves it. She loves the feeling of being thought of and that I would take time out of my busy schedule to do something just for her. She doesn’t care so much what the gift is, but that I took time to get it in advance as opposed to stopping by Walgreens on the way home to grab something…I have done that. She loves flowers and chocolate. She loves the kindness and sweetheart theme and feel of that day. And I love my wife, so what I think of Valentine’s Day is irrelevant. As you know, the day is not for us, it’s for them. So we need to do something. In general, the more thought you put into it, the better the outcome. If you book a restaurant, get a small gift, wrap the gift, whip out flowers before you leave for work…that’s gonna be a good night. If you forget about Valentine’s Day, stop at Kroger on the way home, grab some picked over flowers, card, and chocolate, it will not be a good night… I have done that also.

You know your significant other. You know what they like and what they don’t like. So make sure to do something that they will like. Sometimes, we all need a little assistance with ideas. The good thing is that someone else has already done the footwork… you need only to point and click. Here are a few links that pretty much have everything you need for easy planning.

Good luck!

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