Compression Garments after Liposuction

After having liposuction, absorbent pads placed within a compression garment will be put on you at the end of your surgery. This garment MUST be worn over the treated areas to control swelling and bleeding, and to help your skin shrink to fit your new contour.

You should wear your pads/compression garment until your first postop office visit unless you have been given specific instructions to do otherwise.

After that, you are free to remove the compression garment temporarily for laundering. We want you to wear some form of compression for six weeks. The garment provided for you is a stage one compression garment. Alternative body shapers/compression garments that you purchase (spanx, underarmour, etc.) will be your stage two garment. You may switch to a stage two type garment whenever you have been cleared by your doctor to do so (normally the stage one garment is worn for 7-10 days).


  • SHAPEWEAR or BODY SHAPER garments – available at stores like Target, JC Penny, Dillards, Macys
  • COM – online resource
  • UNDERARMOUR type garments – available at Academy Sports, Walmart, and sporting good stores
  • FLEXEES by MAIDENFORM – available at Walmart