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Treat skin with micro-needling in Nashville, TN

Micro-needling is a skincare treatment to address fine lines, acne scarring, stretch marks and overall skin appearance without the use of lasers or chemical peels. A special micro pen is used to create microscopic injuries through the skin surface which stimulates collagen production. Sun damage can also be addressed with micro needling.

The procedure can be used on any area of the body. Stretch marks, back acne scars, scars from injuries can be addressed. Several treatments may needed however there is very little downtime with each procedure.

Each session may take 20 minutes up to an hour depending on the area treated and the depth of treatment. Deeper treatments require the use of topical numbing cream. Deeper treatments may cause pinpoint bleeding, therefore downtime can be expected for up to 3 days. Redness, swelling, peeling and itching may occur but are often relieved with skincare products we recommend to use during the healing process.

If lasers or the thought of chemical peels concern you, micro needling a great and effective option. Here are a few examples of our own results using micro needling.

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