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If you’re looking for a subtler degree of facial rejuvenation than a traditional facelift offers, you may be interested in a mini facelift. A mini facelift in Nashville is an ideal option for correction of mild to moderate sagging skin.

The goal of this procedure is to reduce the sagging appearance of skin in the lower half of the face, particularly in the cheeks and the jawline. This creates a youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Mini Facelift Candidacy

This less invasive facelift variation is ideal for when the first signs of sagging skin on the lower face and jaw appear. If you have subtler signs of facial aging, you may be a perfect candidate for a mini facelift.

Many people prefer the mini facelift because it is less invasive, since its incisions are shorter than those of conventional rhytidectomy surgery. Healing is also faster and more comfortable after this procedure.


Consult and Preparation

During your mini facelift consultation, it is important that you share your complete medical history, since this may affect aspects of the surgery. This includes any medications you are currently taking, any past procedures, and any allergies.

Your plastic surgeon will tell you the dos and don’ts of mini facelift preparation. You will need to follow these instructions diligently, as this will affect your procedure and the recovery process.

Your surgeon will tell you to avoid NSAID medications such as Ibuprofen and aspirin, since these can increase the risk of complications during surgery. If you are a smoker, you will have to stop several weeks before the date of your mini facelift. Makeup and jewelry cannot be worn on the day of surgery.

Mini Facelift Before & Afters

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Mini Facelift Patient After Photo

Results May Vary

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I had never told you what an excellent doctor I believe you are. Your compassion and skill made my tragedy a personal victory. You truly are an exceptional doctor and a wonderful person. I send the same praises to your fantastic staff. Thank you.

– TT

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Mini Facelift Procedure Process

The procedure usually requires a local anesthetic and IV sedation. Tiny incisions will be made around the area of the ears and hairline. Your plastic surgeon will lift the tissues of the lower face and remove extra tissue. Sutures are used to close incisions once the surgery is over.

Recovery: After the Mini Facelift Surgery

When the mini facelift procedure is done, you will be sent home with dressings covering your stitches, along with drains to carry out excess fluid.

After the surgery, you should expect swelling and bruising, but this will be milder as days pass. Time off from work will be required. Intense activities such as exercise may worsen your healing, so you will have to avoid those for a while, typically at least two to three weeks.

Stitches typically remain for 10 days or so. Your surgeon will remove them after that. As weeks pass and bruising and swelling diminish, you will start to see your results in the form of better-defined facial contours. While results may be considered permanent, you may also opt for less-invasive procedures to maintain your overall appearance in the future.

Mini Facelift Cost Factors

The price of a mini facelift procedure is determined by factors like the type of anesthesia used and the exact techniques employed. Additionally, cost is affected by the total surgery time.

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