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Skin Care

Cool Springs Plastic Surgery offers four primary lines of skin care products to address concerns and needs for skin of all types. Placing greatest value in beautiful outcomes and products that make a difference for their patients, our providers have determined Skin Benefit, Skin Medica, Obagi, and Elta to be the product lines they are confident in recommending to patients.

Whether you are just starting a skin care routine or are experiencing changes in your skin that your current routine isn’t addressing, walk into any of our three locations in Cool Springs, Mt. Juliet, or Music Row to talk with an expert skin care provider.

Skin Benefit

Skin Benefit is the pharmaceutical grade line of products branded by our practice to provide the most beneficial solutions to your skin’s needs. From the three necessities (cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer), to retinols and exfoliants, Skin Benefit provides products to treat a spectrum of skin concerns. Our Licensed Esthetician, Heather Happy expertly guides you to the best product for your individual skin type and desired outcomes.

Skin Medica

Skin Medica products provide some of the most recent advancements in the skin care industry. With products using stimulating growth factors and hyaluronic acids, Skin Medica is an industry leader with products proven to make a difference. Whether you are concerned with brown spots or fine lines, our expert providers support Skin Medica as products they believe in and trust to make a difference for their patients.


Obagi product line offers several products recommended by our Board Certified Surgeons to their patients, pre- and post- surgery. Obagi offers hydroquinone solutions to address brown spots on the skin. With a gentle chemical exfoliant option, Obagi helps patients carefully maintain their skin after surgical procedures.

Elta MD

Elta MD provides a crucial product to our beginner 3-step skin care routine. Sunscreen! Our providers know how important it is to ensure all their patients are actively wearing sunscreen on a daily basis and Elta MD provides several options for sun damage prevention. With full body lotion, lip balm, tinted sunscreen, and much more, there is no excuse for anyone to go without applying sunscreen each day.

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