When People Hear “Botox” in Nashville

What comes to mind when you hear “Botox” or “Facial Fillers”? If you have undergone any of these treatments, you probably associate these words with beauty, improvement, or confidence. However, many of you keep quiet, concerned about the impression it gives those around you.

Why is this the case? What causes the negative stereotype around cosmetic procedures such as these? Many associate it with celebrities or shows such as “Botched”. Plastic surgeons and injectors are allowing their patients to leave their practices looking unnatural and often unsightly. Others associate the negative stereotype with vanity, seeking ways to alter your appearance.

Let me ask you this: How many times have you gone to the hair salon and changed your hair style? Maybe it was because your hair was changing texture with age? Maybe you added highlights for that “Summer look”? Or, maybe you cut 8 inches of your hair to give you a new style completely? You are probably proud of your new look, excited to show it off to your friends and family. And, if I was to guess, those around you never thought to consider you “vain” or “fake”; they might have even considered you “hip”, “beautiful”, and “confident”.

A patient once shared: “Your skin is like a piece of paper. When you fold it over and over again then flatten it out, there are going to be creases in the paper.” The same goes for your skin. Those folds appear with age, expressions, and emotions and are absolutely natural. Stress, overly expressive facial movements, and genetics can lead to early signs of aging. If you begin to show signs of greying hair in your twenties, thirties, and forties, you might invest in having your hair colored regularly until you reach an age where you believe grey hair to be appropriate. Is Botox any different?

At Cool Springs Plastic Surgery, we dedicate our careers to changing the stigma associated with Botox or fillers. Our injectors place great value on natural results, preventing signs of aging and maintaining healthy-looking skin. Using their expertise and extensive training, the team caters to the needs of each unique patient, never providing a treatment that will result in an unnatural appearance. We want to change the way our community views Botox and fillers, allowing our patients to loudly and proudly share their experience with their community.

For the same reason you would show off your new, adorable hairstyle, show off your Botox! Nothing we do here as the top provider of Botox in Middle Tennessee is for the goal of making someone they are not. We are not in the business for making you beautiful. We are in the business of giving you confidence in all stages of life to believe that you are gorgeous in your own skin!

Will you help us turn the word “Botox” into something that brings about new, exciting and beautiful change just like that new hairstyle you are so thrilled about?

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