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During the spring months, trends in plastic surgery tend to shift from the face down to the body. If you’re like millions of other men and women, you are preparing for summer by eating more healthy foods and drinking more water. Exercise may also take a front-seat as the weather warms up. However good these […]

Breast augmentation with silicone or saline implants remains one of the most popular forms of physical enhancement today. In fact, most women know at least one person who has undergone this surgery. Even with the large number of patients who have elected to enlarge their breasts with a suitable implant, there are certain myths surrounding breast […]

As colorful blooms make their way through the surface of the earth, nature is letting us know that summer is just around the corner. Statistics demonstrate that it is at this time of year, with thoughts of summer vacations and trips to the beach in mind that many women start to take notice of their […]