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There are innumerable benefits that stem from a good exercise regimen to complement a healthy diet. Whether your preference is to run a marathon or to spend a bit of time each day on your yoga mat, your commitment to physical health will reward you in many ways. Can your choice of exercise be tailored […]

Want to Look Younger? Look Down!

Published on November 15, 2016

Solutions for facial aging have taken center stage in the world of aesthetic medicine. In the last few decades alone, we have witnessed the development and worldwide use of injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers. Experts have also harnessed the power of innovative technologies such as ultrasound, broad-band light, and radiofrequency to ward off the signs […]

Volbella Launch

Published on November 8, 2016

Do you look at your lips, thinking they look deflated or dehydrated? Do you have trouble keeping your vibrant lipstick from bleeding into the lines around your lips? Have you avoided lip filler in fear of walking out with the famous “Duck Lip”? Your answer just might be found in Volbella! The newest dermal filler […]

Men’s Corner: An Introduction

Published on November 8, 2016

Is it the guy in the Dos Equis Beer commercial? Is it the guy in the Old Spice commercial? Everyone, including you, has an opinion. I found many opinions from both men and women…well, mostly from women. Common words and phrases used include: compassionate, humble, full of heart, caring, assertive, confident, funny, smart, honest, hardworking, […]

Winter is Coming! Is your Skin Prepared?

Published on November 7, 2016

Fall is upon us and winter is knocking on its door which means most of us, including me, will see changes in our skin. Unfavorable changes that is. The combination of cool weather and warmer/drier temperatures in our homes and offices cause hydration levels to fluctuate in our skin. Dry air can leach away oils […]