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Treatments Just in Time for the Holidays

Published on December 30, 2016

With the busyness of the holiday season upon us, there is a lot to look forward to. There may also be a twinge of panic as we look at ourselves in the mirror and notice all those signs of aging that we have yet to take care of. This season, put your needs front and […]

Breast Augmentation: Post-Surgery Exercise!

Published on December 15, 2016

The women who visit Cool Springs Plastic Surgery express a wide range of reasons for seeking breast augmentation. Ultimately, this procedure is about much more than just adding volume and shape to the breasts. When we do this, what happens is that the entire symmetry of the body improves. The right curves are accentuated in […]

Aging Hands

Published on December 1, 2016

What do you notice as you age? For me it’s the dreaded, wiry gray hair that seems to have grown 6 inches overnight. The crinkles at the side of my eyes even when I’m not smiling. The sagging (hello jowls), crepey skin and brown spots. There are many ways to treat these issues from visiting […]

Product Release- Natrelle Cohesive Implants

Published on December 1, 2016

Last month, Natrelle released a new series of FDA approved, gel implants: Inspira Cohesive. This implant is different from the other round gel implants in that it has more cross-linking within its gel, giving it more cohesion. The more cohesive a gel is, the more it holds its shape, giving it a much firmer feel . […]

Men’s Corner- December Edition

Published on December 1, 2016

For some patients the potential to treat this area has never been easier. In the past, treatment options revolved mainly around liposuction vs. a neck lift with direct fat removal…both surgeries. Now buzzing continues around another “Non Surgical” option. I would imagine that many of you have seen the advertisements for Kybella. Kybella is a […]