Busting Myths about Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with silicone or saline implants remains one of the most popular forms of physical enhancement today. In fact, most women know at least one person who has undergone this surgery. Even with the large number of patients who have elected to enlarge their breasts with a suitable implant, there are certain myths surrounding breast augmentation that persist. If you are one of the millions who has considered perfecting the size and shape of your breasts, we encourage you to get information from the best possible source, a trusted plastic surgeon.

Myth #1

Breast Augmentation will cause an Unnatural Appearance

We can understand the reason for this myth. Just look at poor Tori Spelling or Coco Austin (“Ice Loves Coco”) and you can see why many women fear the results of breast augmentation. The fact is that there are women who continue to think that larger is better, and there continue to be surgeons who will accommodate their preferences. This is the important point: it is up to your own personal preference how your breasts will look after augmentation surgery. Our goal is to achieve a beautifully natural shape and size that fits in with your overall frame and physique, not to call attention to unearthly beings resting on your chest.

Myth #2

Breastfeeding is not Possible with Implants

The current techniques employed by skilled plastic surgeons significantly reduces the risk that milk ducts or glands will be altered by breast augmentation. Statistics demonstrate that approximately 90% of women with breast implants breastfeed with no problems.

Myth #3

Breast Implants Must be Replaced Periodically

As much as you may crave more curves, chances are you don’t really want to undergo a surgical procedure every ten years or so. Fortunately, there is no truth to this statement. In many cases, breast implants remain structurally intact and natural-feeling for decades.

Myth #4

Only Saline Implants are Safe

While the earliest models of silicone implants posed a risk of leakage, the materials and techniques used to enlarge the breasts have evolved over the past several decades. Not only are the silicone sacs that hold inert material stronger and more resilient, but the forms of silicone used today are also less likely to migrate through tissues due to denser consistency.

To choose treatment that is right for you takes an understanding of the cold hard facts. To get them, schedule your consultation at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery. (615) 771-7718.