Achieving Better Skin in 2023

When we asked our Nurse Injectors and Estheticians the best thing patients can do for their skin in 2023, all the answers were consistent. Overall, there are 2 big tips that our medical providers have.

Invest in what is best for your skin.

The products and treatments that work for your favorite celebrity or friend won’t always be the best fit for your unique skin. Think about it! What is it about your skin that you want to work on? It could be redness, lines, wrinkles, acne, sun damage, rough texture, large pores, dryness— you name it! There are products and treatments created to address exactly what your skin needs. Tips on how you can do this:

Of course, take the time to do your own research using credible sources. It’s always a relief to know that there are real solutions to improve, or even erase, some of the frustrating issues you are having with your skin.

Protect your investment.

Protect that investment every single day. Try not to think of sunscreen as sunscreen. Think of it as an anti-aging serum. An insurance policy on your skin to prevent aging, inflammation, redness, sunburn, discoloration, and reduce the risk of skin cancer. You will be glad you started!

There is a lot of talk about preventative Botox, Dysport, and Daxxify (all known as neurotoxins). Meaning, if you start getting neurotoxins early, it will prevent lines and wrinkles from forming and help preserve your youthful skin. This can absolutely be true! If you don’t give the lines and wrinkles a chance to form by consistently visiting for Botox treatments, you are preventing those signs of aging from appearing.

Talk to your aesthetic provider for information on how to treat your concerns and maintain beautiful, youthful results. Schedule a consultation at our Brentwood, Franklin, Mount Juliet, or Music Row locations to get started!