Co-Written by Chrissy Handly, Nurse Injector at CSPS Franklin; Olivia Salmen, Nurse Injector at CSPS Brentwood; and Savannah Brasells, Licensed Esthetician at CSPS Mt. Juliet; Annelise Brueher, Social Media Coordinator at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery 

Are you ready to unmask this summer? It’s finally time to get moving and show off that beautiful, vaccinated face to the world! But here is the problem: many of us have not taken care of our face during the pandemic, because it has been covered up with a mask. We’re going to touch on several ways you can be ready to unmask such as filler in your lips, jawline, chin, and to target those fine lines around your mouth. We will also show you how you can slim down your face with Botox and treat that pesky “maskne (mask acne). Here we go!  

Jawline (Masseter) Botox 

Lip Filler before and after by Olivia Salmen, Nurse Injector at CSPS Brentwood.

Double chins are the bane of our existence. But we have a treatment for that! Olivia Salmen, a Nurse Injector at our Brentwood office, treated this patient’s masseters with Botox. And wow, does this jawline look incredible! In addition to treating the jawline with Botox, this patient received chin and cheek filler. We’re obsessed with this result, and this option we can give our patients to give some definition. Additionally, iyou are interested in learning more about that cheek filler, we have a segment from our Open House dedicated to it. Feel free to give it a watch! 

Chin Filler 

Lip Filler before and after by Olivia Salmen, Nurse Injector at CSPS Brentwood.

This striking result pretty much speaks for itself, but let‘s talk about how Nurse Injector Olivia Salmen treated this patient beautifully with chin filler to help enhance her profile and balance her facial features. As you can see to your left, this can greatly improve the contour of your face. Thsubtle change may not be something others can pick out, but they will notice something is different—in good way! That is the magic of filler.  

Filler for fine lines around the mouth, before and after by Chrissy Handly, Nurse Injector at CSPS Franklin.Fine lines and sagginess around the mouth 

Speaking of MAGIC! In the image to the right, you can see a huge improvement in the lines around the mouth. Chrissy Handly, a Nurse Injector at the Franklin office performed this treatment on this patient, and they are thrilled (rightfully so)As always, Chrissy blew us and the patient away by this filler work. Watch her do it again below.

Turning up the smile lines with Botox, before and after by Chrissy Handly, Nurse Injector at CSPS Franklin.

In this photo to the leftyou can see that Chrissy was able to correct the fine lines around the mouth as she did above with filler. Do you see the other difference? We’re here to spoil it. 

The difference is that she really focused on restoring the structural features to the lips and corners of the mouth, so the patient’s lips and mouth have an overall more beautiful and youthful appearance. The most distinctive difference is seen in the improvement she made in the jowl area and the smooth, clean transition achieved from cheek to chin. This patient looks beautiful, rejuvenated, completely natural-looking, and ELATED about this incredible change Chrissy was able to achieve! 

Lip Filler 

Lip Filler, before and after by Olivia Salmen, Nurse Injector at CSPS Brentwood.

We LOVE a good lip filler. Filler in the lips not only gives your lips more volume, but it also fills in those little lines that form. Emily Findley, a Nurse Injector at our Brentwood location, did a lip filler demonstration with tons of great information about the treatment, we hope you’ll get a chance to watch itFor now, check out this before and after from Olivia to your right! We love this natural, smooth result.  

Skin Treatments & Products  

We know how hard it is to prevent that annoying acne that pops up under the mask. While we are going over ways to correct the “maskne” epidemic, we also want to give you a couple of tips on how to prevent it as we are still making this transition. Savannah Brasells, a Licensed Esthetician at our Mt. Juliet location gave us her take on this: 

  1. Don’t wear makeup under your mask. Many different types of makeup can be pore-clogging and wearing a mask can push it deeper into your skin. Wearing a mask also creates a warm, moist environment, which is the perfect environment for acne-causing bacteria to grow. 
  2. Wear a fresh mask every day if possible. Make sure you are washing your reusable masks! 

As we celebrate a mask-free face, we also must deal with the aftermath and continual maskne that haunts us as we transition. Trust me, we get it. Savannah gives us some more tips on how to take care of this: 

  1. Tweak your skincare routine. The best option would be to come in for a consult with one of our Licensed Estheticians so that we can customize a routine specific to your skin, but here are a few suggestions! Using a product containing salicylic acid is helpful to prevent clogged pores. Salicylic acid is oil soluble, which means it can penetrate through the oil in your skin and really clean out your pore lining. It also provides some chemical exfoliation (product suggestions: ZO Complexion Renewal Pads, ZO Oil Control Pads, AlumierMD Acne Balancing Serum). Another helpful product would be the ZO Complexion Clearing Mask, which is a clay-based mask with sulfur. The clay absorbs excess oil, while the sulfur combats bacteria and inflammation. Lastly, benzoyl peroxide can be helpful as a spot treatment for acne that is more inflamed. Benzoyl peroxide kills p. acnes bacteria, which is the bacteria that causes acne (product suggestion: ZO Acne Control, which is a 10% spot treatment).  
  2. Double cleanse your skin at night. This is an important, often missed, step for patients with acne-prone skin. Especially if you are wearing makeup, it is imperative to remove your makeup with a first cleanse and then go in with a second cleanse (Product Suggestions: ZO Exfoliating Cleanser or AlumierMD Acne Clarifying Cleanser. Bonus: both cleansers contain salicylic acid–mentioned above). 
  3. Come in for a treatment or series of treatments in the office. We have a variety of treatments that can be helpful for acne or maskne, as well as scarring! My suggestions would be Chemical Peels, Hydrafacials, or Forever Clear BBL. Come in for a consult with one of our Licensed Estheticians, and we would be happy to discuss which option would be best for you! 

We hope you got some good tips on how you can look your best under that mask from this article. There are so many ways you can enhance your look—be sure to follow Cool Springs Plastic Surgery on social media and Olivia SalmenSavannah Brasells, Chrissy Handly, or any of our providers to get more information on these treatments.