Lip Flip vs. Lip Filler

So, you see it in magazines. You see it on social media. Your friends brag about getting one. It sounds fun! But, what exactly is a lip flip?

“Lip flip” is actually a term that is given when a neurotoxin (Botox or Dysport) is administered to certain parts of the lip. It temporarily relaxes the muscles around your lip. This causes the part of your upper lip that is inside your mouth to “flip” outward and upward, giving your lip a fuller appearance. It can also make the border look crisper in some patients. Another benefit is that it can help reduce small shallow lines that sometimes appear at the border of the lip. Deeper and larger lines require fillers.

Many patients come in wanting a lip flip but don’t want their lips “huge.” If you truly understand what a lip flip is, then you’ll know you have nothing to be concerned about regarding an overdone or fake look. Neurotoxins do NOT add volume – that is the job of fillers. If a patient wants more volume, then a filler is the way to go! If they just want a slightly fuller appearance, then a lip flip may be the perfect answer.

(Left photo: patient example of “lip flip.” Right photo set: patient example of lip filler).

Because a lip flip is done with a neurotoxin (Botox or Dysport), it will minimize movement. Some patients experience a decrease in movement to the point where they may have trouble drinking through a straw, whistling or saying certain words that involve a tight puckering motion. But, because the amounts that are administered are minimal, these side effects (if they should develop) resolve within a few days.

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(Left photo: patient example of “lip flip.” Right photo set: patient example of lip filler).

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Written by Michele Bailey, RN, Cool Springs Plastic Surgery Nurse Injector