Tips for Fat Prevention After Liposuction

Men and women often turn to liposuction to remove stubborn fat cells that stick around no matter how healthy they live. Recent studies suggest that there is a risk for the formation of visceral fat after this body-shaping procedure. We do not believe that this means liposuction is not a suitable solution for eliminating unwanted fat. However, we support our patients in the quest for ultimate beauty by offering tips for fat prevention.

Go Nuts

One of the significant findings of ongoing research has been the immense benefit of healthy fats. Historically Americans have been encouraged to follow low-fat diet trends. However, unsaturated fats, found in walnuts and coconuts, set into motion the increased metabolism of insulin and the reduction of stored fat. Cooking with coconut oil, or adding a small dollop to coffee or smoothies, is an easy way to get more healthy fats on a daily basis.

Keep Moving

Exercise is a contentious subject for health experts. Some way we should “hit it hard,” spending shorter periods of time performing intense activities that dramatically elevate the heart rate. A study in the Journal of Obesity revealed that traditional aerobic exercise outperformed high intensity interval training when it came to reducing abdominal fat, the type that may develop after liposuction. So throw on your running shoes and hit the pavement. 45 minutes three days a week will help you maintain the movement you need to avoid problem fat.

Why Visceral Fat is Dangerous

Belly fat, or visceral fat, creates far larger concerns than an increased pant size. This fatty tissue surrounds vital organs, and also releases toxic hormones that have been shown to increase systemic inflammation. In turn, the risk for serious, chronic health conditions like cardiovascular disease increases. Fortunately avoiding this type of fat is as simple as implementing a few healthy habits.

There are two important goals we have in collaborating with patients on their ideal shape. One is to achieve the desired outcome with conservative technique. The other is to support long-term results by discussing the potential danger of weight gain, and offering tips to avoid it.

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