What Every Skin Needs

Raise your hand if you are overwhelmed at an esthetician’s office as she/ he lays out all the different options of skin care products you need. Are you confused what purpose they serve but you are only left to take the word of the supposed “expert”? Maybe the esthetician is saying words like “retinoid” or “toner” and it’s anyone’s guess what those mean for your skin. We have all been there. With all the different skin care fads or opinions, we keep trying products with no real understanding of what purpose it is supposed to serve our skin.

Heather, our in-house esthetician, has made a name for herself in the Franklin community as an expert in skin care products, not only because she could recite every ingredient in every product she uses, but because she very clearly analyzes the skin of each patient and only recommends the product she knows will give benefit to your skin. While doing so, she never lets a patient leave her office without having a full understanding of the use of each product they are purchasing.

In talking to her patients, she has realized how little many of us know about what our skin needs to maintain a younger appearance and ward off wrinkles, acne, dry skin, or brown spots. As a result, she gives us the gift of a list describing what we need to keep our skin as healthy as possible and why they are needed.


Why? Cleansers remove oil, debris and makeup. A clean face allows other products to work more effectively (choose cream cleansers for dry skin, foaming and/or gel for oily).


Why? Toners remove last traces of makeup and debris while smoothing, softening and calming the skin.


Why? Exfoliants dissolve built-up dead skin cells, which cause the skin to become thick and dull, clog pores, and create an uneven skin tone. (AHA for sun damaged, dry, mature skin and BHA for oily, blemish prone and sensitive skin)


Why? Free radicals (produced by sun exposure, smoking, pollution) cause the majority of our aging (lines/wrinkles, brown spots, inflammation). Antioxidants stabilize free radicals by preventing the damage to our healthy molecules. Vitamin A, C, E, Green Tea and Ferulic Acid are some of the most common and effective.


Why? Protection of the skin barrier will keep the skin smooth and soft. Choosing the right consistency of product is important depending on skin type (gel or liquid for acne/oily, lotion for normal, and cream for dry).


Why? Retinoids (Vitamin A – retinol, tretinoin, Retin-A) are cell communicators. Retinoids trigger damaged and aged cells to begin functioning normally again, creating healthier cells.


Why? Sunscreen protects the skin from sun exposure. The SPF should rate between 30 and 50 and be broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) for maximum effectiveness. Physical sunscreen is appropriate for sensitive skin (look for zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide). Chemical sunscreen is appropriate for water activity and sweating (look for homosalate, octinoxate, avobenzone, octisalate).

Have more questions about how you can keep your skin beautiful, healthy, and young? Give Heather a call at (615) 771-7718. She will help you analyze what you are currently using, what you can keep using, and what might need to be improved. Remember, your skin has different needs depending on the season. Don’t starve your face of the nutrients it needs as we go into Fall and Winter.

Stay tuned for Heather’s next blog discussing what every skin needs to survive Winter.