Written by Chrissy Handly, BSN, RN

Around the eyes is a unique area of the face, and we want to tell you about our comprehensive approach to treating this delicate and complex area in 2022! There are several different factors contributing to the aging we see around the eyes over time. Because there is usually more than one thing occurring or contributing to the signs of aging, it is often best to combine treatments to address the different changes that are occurring. As a Nurse Injector with a background in dermatology, I have had a lot of experience treating both the muscle, volume, and general skin health in this specific area. I’m excited to break down all the ways that we can make your eyes the star of your face!

Skin Around the Eye

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the face, therefore we often see a loss of collagen and elasticity here first. This includes that crepey texture and fine lines we see as we age. While I have a few recommendations to target this issue, the easiest and most essential recommendation I make to target issues concerning the skin in this is area is to start a medical-grade eye cream both morning and night. This will help make the skin in this area healthier. The healthier the skin, the better it will look and the better it will respond to resurfacing treatments. In combination with resurfacing treatments, such as Halo or Microneedling, you can immensely improve the texture and elasticity of the skin by producing collagen. A consult with one of our providers will help determine which resurfacing treatment is best for you!

Muscle Around the Eye

You may be thinking—how do the muscles around my eye make me look older?! It’s true. That is why we love the magic of Botox and Dysport! When the muscle around the eye contracts, it creases the skin to form crow’s feet. This muscle contraction also pulls down the tail of the brow. In these areas, Botox or Dysport can be used to relax the muscle, preventing it from contracting and creasing the skin to form lines and wrinkles. Similarly, it can be used around the eyes to give a subtle lift to the tail of the brow.

Volume Around the Eye

As we mature over time, we experience volume loss in our midface and under the eyes. When this occurs, shadows are formed under the eyes and the skin loses its structural support. When the midface, or cheek area, starts to deflate and the skin loses its deep structural support, we see more creases/wrinkles during facial animation. Filler can be used in the midface and under the eyes to restore this volume loss! When we restore the volume loss, we are lifting saggy, wrinkly, and/or sunken-in areas, and the shadows and contours of that area are improved for a more youthful appearance. With this extra support under the skin, light is able to reflect better, thus eliminating a lot of the shadowing. Many times, we see filler added to the midface/cheek area give the entire face a subtle lift.

Every face is unique- everyone’s facial anatomy is different and each face ages differently. Also, as previously mentioned, there are several different factors that contribute to age-related changes we see in this area. It is essential to have an experienced provider do an in-person assessment to determine which anatomical component is responsible for your facial disharmony to help create a treatment plan designed specifically for your unique face.

So many patients have seen incredible results treating the areas around the eyes, and we expect to see many more patients getting treated with Botox/Dysport, filler, lasers, and other advanced skin treatments to rejuvenate their eye area. Of course, if there are problem areas around your eyes that cannot be addressed with the treatments listed above, such as puffiness or excess skin, we have two board-certified plastic surgeons who can consult with you on your options.

Book online or give us a call at (615) 771-7718 to book a consult, where we will work together to do a comprehensive, customized assessment of your skin and come up with a treatment plan. We hope you have a great time ringing in the new year!