Written by Eva Irvin, Nurse Injector at CSPS Mount Juliet; Annelise Brueher, Social Media Coordinator at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery

Revance Aesthetics announced their new “Designer Filler” line last year, and we are here to give some insight into why they call it this and how these products perform. Not only do we have injectors who are experts with this dermal filler, but we are currently one of a few practices in Tennessee that offers this new filler line from Revance. I’m sure you’re all wondering—what makes this filler so special? What does it do? We asked Eva Irvin, one of our Registered Nurse Injectors from CSPS Mount Juliet, all about this new product. Check out what she has to say: 

What do these fillers treat? 

The company, Revance, has formulated three fillers that are currently available in the US. Each one is unique in how thick the HA gel is and coincides with the location of correction in the face. RHA2 is thinner and better suited for more superficial treatments, conservative lip enhancements, and fine lines. RHA3 is a little firmer and is great for almost everything. RHA4 is the thickest and best for jawline and mid-face (more lift). 

Why is this specific filler called a “Designer Filler”? 

The term “designer filler” was used in advertisements by Teoxane/Revance and I thought it was unique in the fact that I had never known a filler termed this way. The definition of “designer”intended to reflect the latest in sophisticated taste or fashionassumes this filler is currently the only one of its kind available and able to treat areas in ways other fillers cannot. 

How long does this filler last? 

This is what stands out to me—18 months. This is about 6 months (on average) longer than normal fillers. 

How are they different from other dermal fillers?
After working with these fillers for the past 6 months, I have noticed they are softer, more forgiving, and more natural-looking. There appears the be less lumping, migration, and little to no firmness of product felt by the patient. 

What makes the results unique? 

The results have been soft, natural, and given a hydrated appearance. 

There you have it, folks! Eva Irvin was happy to answer some of these frequently asked questions about our latest filler product. Interested in booking a consult to see if this is the right filler for you? Give us a call at (615) 771-7718 or email us at info@csps.me.