A Beach Body Requires Planning

With the holidays behind us, it is common to feel a significant lull after weeks of shopping and party chaos. Friends are filling our Facebook newsfeeds with New Year’s resolutions, and our focus has now shifted to desiring warmer months and summer vacations. While we all launch into 2018, make sure to plan ahead when it comes to achieving the beach body you realized last summer was something to be tackled during the winter months.
As we often see in our practice, some patients seeking out body contouring options push off scheduling a consultation until the summer months. However, due to recovery and time before optimal results for most cosmetic surgeries, jumping into surgery in the summer can throw off any plans for fun in the sun.
Take advantage of cold weather! Our patient care coordinators recommend using the cooler months for recovery, so you can be completely healed and ready to take advantage of the beautiful spring and summer weather. Also, often times with body contouring, you are required to wear a compression garment after surgery. Wearing the garment during the winter will be cooler and more comfortable for your body, and you can hide it easier under bulky clothing.
Here are some general time frames for recovery:
Breast Augmentation and/or Mastopexy (Breast Lift): Anticipate returning to light activity (desk job, driving, long slow walk) five to ten days following surgery. Plan to return to moderate activity (hiking, working out, running) three to six weeks after surgery. 
Liposuction: Expect returning to light activity two to seven days post-surgery. Plan for moderate activity two to four weeks after surgery. Also remember that you will need to wear a compression garment for three to six weeks following your surgery. 
Tummy Tuck: Prepare to return to light activity 10 – 14 days after surgery. Plan for moderate activity (hiking, working out, running) 8 – 12 weeks after surgery.

Are you ready to plan ahead and start your journey toward renewed confidence in your body? Consider scheduling a consultation with one of our two board certified plastic surgeons before the end of January. With surgery dates quickly filling up for February and March, you do not want to let your window of opportunity close on achieving the body you desire.