A Quick Look on Arm Liposuction

Excess fat and loose skin on the upper arms can be incredibly frustrating. It’s one of the areas in the body that doesn’t respond well to standard weight loss strategies like diet modification and upper body exercise. What’s the use of a flat stomach and well-sculpted buttocks when you can’t go sleeveless due to jiggly arm fat? Good thing there’s arm liposuction!

Arm liposuction works like liposuction in other body areas. In most cases, two tiny incisions will be made near the elbow area. A thin metal tube will be inserted into the incisions and excess fat will be suctioned out. Local anesthesia is usually used.

Recovery from arm liposuction is fairly fast. Our patients can generally return to their usual routine 10 days after their procedure. Compression garments will be prescribed to reduce bruising and swelling. Cold compresses are also advised.

Infection and blood clot formation are arm liposuction risks. Patients need to actively look out for signs of infection and get in touch with us immediately if they notice that something smells or looks unusual at their incision sites. On the other hand, blood clot formation can be easily prevented by moving around as soon as you are able.

Arm lift — a complementary procedure to arm liposuction
Some patients still have issues with loose skin in the upper arms after liposuction. An arm lift is usually recommended to remove excess skin and drape the remaining skin tissues. This procedure can be done after arm liposuction.

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