Facial and Body Rejuvenation Made Easy

At Cool Springs Plastic Surgery, men and women from the areas of Nashville, Franklin, and Mount Juliet find the services they need to refresh and rejuvenate face and body. More than assembling an extensive arsenal of tools to fight cosmetic concerns (which we have), we have established a practice that revolves around each individual patient and his or her desired outcome. Our training and experience allows us to approach each case from a unique standpoint.

Facial Rejuvenation
The effects of natural aging show up at some point in time, and they become increasingly obvious if nothing is done to counteract the biological changes that are occurring. The primary reason why people become plagued by a turkey neck, heavy eyelids, under-eye bags, and other concerns is because the body stops producing the sufficient amount of collagen to keep the skin well-supported. Couple this significant change with the effects of UV exposure, stress, and lifestyle habits, and you have the perfect groundwork for an aging face.

Patients of Cool Springs Plastic Surgery benefit from a myriad of skin-saving solutions that restore youthful suppleness and contouring to the eyes, forehead, cheeks, chin, and more. Some of the products we turn to most frequently include Botox and fillers. However, there is also tremendous value in innovative technologies like ultrasound, which is the basis for skin-tightening treatment. Ultimately, there may be a need for surgical lifting in some cases, but many patients can postpone this when they get an early start with other treatments.

Body Rejuvenation
Physical changes that concern many of our patients involve areas other than the face. With time, the breasts may lose their lovely shape, the midsection may become loose and saggy, even the thighs are a common area of concern. Our physicians perform augmentations and lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, and various other procedures with the precision needed to attain beautiful, natural results.

Lifting, tightening, and enhancing the face and body can be made easy when you have an experienced, board-certified physician to consult with. Schedule your visit in one of our three Tennessee offices by calling (615) 771-7718.