It’s Always good to Think Ahead

Now that we’re bouncing into Spring, many of us have our eye on what we want for ourselves this coming Summer. Do we want to flaunt fit and fabulous arms or toned thighs? Do we want to feel confident in shorts or mini-dresses or a bathing suit? These are the questions we ask ourselves, although we know the answer. If you’re thinking ahead, consider how you can bring out the best in your body with help from the team at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery.


Maybe you’ve been eating healthy and hitting the gym routinely ever since those holiday parties came to an end. The headway you are making toward a fitter physique could be pushed over the edge to your problem area or areas. Liposuction is often considered for that stubborn belly fat, but there are other common areas that can be sculpted in this strategic procedure. Liposuction may help you shape your buttocks, or thin out your thighs, or even make your arms a stand-out feature. The best way to know what liposuction can do for you is to schedule a consultation with our friendly, experienced team.

Spider Vein Treatment

Feeling confident in Summertime clothing isn’t all about having a certain shape. We find beauty in all shapes and sizes! What keeps a lot of people from wanting to bare their legs is the appearance of blue and purple webs just beneath the skin. Spider veins are a common problem affecting people of all ages. Men tend to get off somewhat easy. Not only are men less prone to spider and varicose veins, but thicker leg hair also disguises the appearance of these problems. If splotches of visible veins haunt your confidence, visit one of our convenient office locations to discuss how we can help you.

Get that Radiant Glow

Why wait until Summer is in full force to have glowing, radiant skin? We’re not talking about tanning; we’re talking about that healthy glow that is revealed when dead and damaged skin cells are removed from the surface. There are a few simple ways to get your glow going now. From chemical peels to microdermabrasion to micro needling to laser skin resurfacing, we’ve got treatments to meet varying needs.

Contact Cool Springs Plastic Surgery today to get your head start on Summer.