Breast Augmentation: Post-Surgery Exercise!

The women who visit Cool Springs Plastic Surgery express a wide range of reasons for seeking breast augmentation. Ultimately, this procedure is about much more than just adding volume and shape to the breasts. When we do this, what happens is that the entire symmetry of the body improves. The right curves are accentuated in the right places, and that makes an enormous difference in how a woman feels about her body. One thing that a lot of our patients have in common is their dedication to health and wellness. For some, the mere thought of having to skip their workouts for several weeks can feel unnerving.

There are good reasons for the recommendations surrounding exercise after breast augmentation. Some of those recommendations include:

  • Take it slow. Your plastic surgeon is the initial voice that you want to listen to as it pertains to post-surgical activities. Your procedure date is not the end of the road; we also schedule appropriate follow-up to monitor your recovery. During post-op visits, you will learn what activities may be safely performed.
  • Follow your body. One of the interesting findings in research has been that patients who undergo plastic surgery feel more in tune with their body. This is key, because your body is the second “voice” you need to listen to as it pertains to exercise following breast augmentation. Certain exercises tax the same muscles that have been affected by the surgical procedure. If your body says it needs a little more time off, take it. Remember, you have plenty of time to get back to your peak state – and your body will know how to do it when the time is right.
  • Don’t head back to the gym without a schedule and the right support. Any avid athlete will tell you they schedule rest days at certain intervals. Your post-surgical schedule may include more rest days than you had prior to surgery, but this will change as your body becomes stronger and more flexible. The support you need? Well that comes from a good sports bra. Don’t exercise without it.

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