Younger Looking Breasts: Here’s how

With age, just about everything on the body takes a downward turn. When it comes to the breasts, the process is exacerbated by original size, pregnancy, weight, breastfeeding, and possibly even by exercise. If you have noticed these changes, you do not have to wonder what has happened to your body, or where your youthful breasts have gone. These aren’t the real questions anyway. The real question is, what can be done to restore the youthful position and shape of the breasts. When this question is posed, a solution can be found.

How to Turn Back the Clock
Modern medicine is a wonderful thing! We have numerous ways in which we can turn back the hands of time, reinstating skin and body contours that were present a decade earlier. To restore the breasts to a more youthful looking profile and shape, there are a few approaches that may be considered.

  • Clearly, breast augmentation is the optimal path to a larger, fuller appearance. Additionally, a slight elevation occurs as a result of the volume that is added to the upper curve of the breasts.
  • When breast size is not a concern, but tissue has become saggy and stretched, all that may be needed is a lift. Breast lift surgery removes excess skin, so a larger incision may be necessary. Two types of incisions may be considered based on the desired result. For a lift up to 2 inches, the lollipop incision may be done. A larger incision may be needed if greater lift is desired.
  • In many cases, breast augmentation and breast lift go together. The combination of these two procedures restores the profile and the position that a woman may have enjoyed decades earlier.

After Surgery
Both breast lift and augmentation have a minimal recovery time of a few weeks. This does not mean that you are restricted to your bed for the duration, but that you will want to limit your activities in order to allow full healing to take place. After the first two weeks, light activity may be resumed. This includes walking; but little more than that. More rigorous exercise should be postponed for a month or more.

There are several paths to restore your desired breast shape and size. Discover yours at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery.