What Really Works in Removing Brown Spots

Brown spots, also known as age or liver spots, can appear anywhere on the body. They are often concentrated on the face, neck, back, and hands. Their occurrence is caused by a phenomenon known as hyperpigmentation.

Pigmentation is the body’s natural response to sun exposure. When UV rays hit the skin’s surface, the skin responds by producing brown pigment known as melanin. However, the skin sometimes can produce more melanin than what is normally required, resulting in brown spots. This process is known as hyperpigmentation. Apart from sun exposure, skin discoloration may also result from prolonged use of a certain drug, hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause, use of birth control pills), or as a reaction to certain skin disorders such as acne and eczema.

Although hyperpigmentation issues are harmless, many find them unattractive. At Cool Springs Plastic Surgery, we have helped men and women lighten their brown spots through a variety of skin lightening approaches.

These are some treatments to address hyperpigmentation:

  • Topical treatments containing hydroquinone, a potent inhibitor of melanin production
  • AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) peels such as lactic acid and glycolic acid. These peels have sufficient molecular size, which enables them to penetrate the superficial layers of the skin and gently lighten brown spots.
  • Laser treatments to improve severe forms of hyperpigmentation such as melasma, which is common during pregnancy and among individuals with olive skin tones.

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