Slow your Facial Aging Process

Aging. In some ways, we welcome it (cake for breakfast, anyone?), and in some ways, we’d like to slow the process down as much as possible. Getting older is a matter of fact. Struggling to manage the aging process is something over which we each have a fair amount of control. We can keep the mind sharp by learning new and interesting things, like how to parlé français. When it comes to the body, we have endless options on how to eat well, rest well, and take great care of the skin to look the way we’d like. Let’s face it, facial aging can be a drag. Certain problems can affect how we feel about ourselves. These include:

  • Drooping eyebrows and heavy upper eyelids that cause us to appear tired or unfriendly.
  • Under eye bags.
  • Flatness across the mid-face, where cheekbones once sat high and plump.
  • Lines and folds from nose to mouth, mouth to chin, or both.
  • Softness or sagging across the jaw line and chin.
  • Loose skin and excess fat beneath the chin – aka double-chin or “turkey neck.”
    Bags, sags, and fat are all normal. Does that mean we have to like it when these problems show up on our face? No way! Here’s the good news about facial aging. The concerns mentioned above have been common complaints for centuries. Over time, expertly trained physicians have developed the right protocols for treating them. This means you benefit from the latest procedures.
  • Brow lifting may be achieved with a minimally-invasive brow lift or with a mini-facelift that focuses on the forehead.
  • Eyelid surgery may be performed as the sole procedure to open-up the eyes, or it may be combined with a brow lift if the brows sit too low on the forehead. This procedure, called blepharoplasty, can also remove bags from the lower lids.
  • A full face lift is ideal for a man or woman who is struggling with aging on the lower face, mid face, and the eye and forehead areas. The procedure is approached in a meticulous manner that hides incisions and results in a natural renewal of the physical self.

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