Surgeon Tips: Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution Body

The most common New Year’s Resolution is to live healthier. For many, that means exercising, moving your body every day, having a more balanced diet, reading, losing weight, forming healthier habits, and, in general, improving your physical appearance.

Every day, we see patients that have completely turned their life around as it relates to their health. They have put in the work, and are ready to get rid of the sagging, loose skin that has been left as a result of their progress. Likewise, we see patients who have done everything they can and can’t seem to lose fat in stubborn areas, such as the midsection, love handles, double chin, and more. If you are not in either of those categories, maybe you need help even getting started. Maybe you just want to get a procedure that will get you over that final hump in feeling more confident.

Whatever the case may be for you, our Plastic Surgeons Dr. John Moore and Dr. Konrad Sarosiek have seen hundreds of patients, each with a different journey and relationship with healthy living. Based on these experiences, they have shared some tips and tricks for healthy living and reaching your goals.

Start small.

You would be amazed by the results of our patients who simply go on walks. Getting burnt out by ambition is so common in everyone’s health journey. It’s important to remember that a seemingly “small” action can form a sustainable habit.

If you start going on walks, you might notice that you feel healthier and you may start really enjoying the activity. It could become an integral part of your routine, putting you in a place where being active is something your body both needs and wants. You might even find yourself wanting to take your activity level a step further.

This tactic could be applied to any healthy habit. Rather than cutting out foods you love, introduce healthy alternatives to your diet. Try to eat more foods that make you feel good and create sustainable healthy eating habits, as opposed to crazy dieting.

Get quality sleep.

It is much harder to be active when you are tired and studies show that a lack of sleep can lead to increased appetite during your waking hours. This can all vary on the individual, which is why it’s important to pay attention to your body. How do you feel during a week of adequate sleep versus a week of late nights? How does your relationship with food and exercise change?­­

A single late night can take days to recover from. This will impact every step of your health journey, so be mindful of how much sleep you are allowing yourself. Especially quality, uninterrupted sleep. In order to do this, keep your body on a consistent sleep schedule. Try to avoid doing activities like reading, watching TV, or being on your phone while you are in bed. Associating your bed with these things can make it hard for your body to enter sleep mode.

Get started.

It takes courage to get started, but you have to. If you spend all your time researching and planning, you’re not actually doing it. Start small and start somewhere. Right after reading this!

Make a grocery list of what you need for healthy meals over the next week and go get them. Do something active that you enjoy. Take it week by week or day by day and use now to get started.

Schedule a consultation for a jump-start.

Tummy tuck, liposuction, and other body plastic surgery procedures can help with stubborn areas of fat, tighten loose skin, and improve your overall shape. Consultations are booking months in advance, so if you think you are interested, go ahead and schedule.

Our staff knows what a vulnerable decision it is to turn your body around and we are there to care for you every step of the way. For optimal comfort, our patients get to experience every step of the process in the same building at our Brentwood location. With our clinic for consultations, post-ops, and pre-ops, as well as our state-of-the-art surgery center and recovery room, we get to care for you in the comfort of your “home” at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery Brentwood.

Whether you knew these tips or not, applying them is the hard part. Make the decision to do something for yourself this year. Go ahead and get started. Let us know if you need a plastic surgeon to help you out along the way!