The Possibilities Behind Proactive Planning

I think we can all agree we hit the ground running by the time August rolls around. The summertime snooze is no longer an option once school is back in session, and we are, once again, in our regular routine with no vacations to spare in between.

With all the busyness taking place, when does one call to schedule their surgery they deemed they were ready for while laying on the beach this summer?

Cosmetic surgery is a decision that requires much thought and careful planning. As one might assume, fall and winter months are the most popular for scheduling surgery. With not much fun in the sun to be had and no beaches in the near future, these colder months are prime time to recover before holiday season is in full swing.

Because our four plastic surgeons’ schedules book up extremely quickly during this coming season, it is crucial to plan ahead for your surgery. While options are still readily available, August is the best time to lock-in your surgery date.

Other details to consider when figuring out the best time to schedule:

1. You Can Never Have Too Many Options

To achieve your desired timeline, we suggest our patients set aside at least one or two choices for surgery dates. Doing so will allow our Patient Coordinators to understand your goals and make sure we accommodate you to the best of our abilities.

2. Clear the Calendar

Along with preparing for the surgery itself, it is just as important to make sure all elements are in place regarding post-surgery plans. Your recovery is pivotal in providing beautiful results, so make sure arrangements are made beforehand for someone to run the kids to practice so you are able to stay home and rest.

3. Early Bird Gets the Worm?

Yes, the cliché saying is indeed true. The earlier in August or September you have your consultation, the wider range of surgery dates you will have to choose from. This provides a smoother process for you and confirms your recovery before that work Christmas party your office has been looking forward to all year.

If you are considering surgery in the next few months and wish to discuss the process or the most convenient time to schedule, our Patient Coordinators would be delighted to speak with you! Call our office at (615) 771-7718, and we will aim to exceed your individual needs.