Aging Hands- Surgical Edition

We live in a world where outward appearance plays a role in personal success. At Cool Springs Plastic Surgery, we have a strong focus on helping individuals achieve their best, particularly involving appearance goals. A sometimes overlooked display of health and beauty are the very valuable and functional gift of hands. We have, in addition to non-surgical treatments to restore beauty to the hands, minimally-invasive surgical options. Specific and relatively simple procedures can have significant effect in hands. As we age, we often loose volume in the hands. This results in a skeletonized look of prominent veins, bones, and hallowed spaces. This volume loss can be treated with filler injection with essentially no down time. Products such as Restylane, Juvederm, Scultra, or Radiesse may be effective.

Our preferred approach for surgical restoration of hand volume loss is fat grafting. Fat grafting uses one’s own fat from an area of excess, such as hips or thighs, to transfer to the hallow hands. Under local anesthesia, the fat is removed. It is then processed and transferred through a small injection to the back of the hands and managed to the smooth appearance. There may be some swelling and bruising, but full use of the hands is permitted immediately. There will be some absorption of the fat, but a good amount will stay permanently to get to a satisfying volume. In addition to restoring volume, the fat graft has an invigorating effect on the overlying skin. Through this process, the production of healing factors increase circulation and thickens very thin skin. This results in the diminishing visibility of veins and other structures.

Written by Dr. John Moore, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

If you have questions regarding restoring volume to your hands, give us a call at (615) 771-7718 and request a consultation with Dr. John Moore or Dr. Konrad Sarosiek.

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