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Category Archives: Plastic Surgery

Dr. Papillion receives Realself 100 Award

Dr. Paul Papillion is one of 100 doctors worldwide to receive the RealSelf 100 Award, a prestigious award honoring the top influencers on RealSelf—the most trusted online destination to get informed about elective cosmetic procedures and to find and connect with doctors and clinics. Dr. Papillion is an expert contributor to RealSelf, and, to-date, has […]

It’s Always good to Think Ahead

Now that we’re bouncing into Spring, many of us have our eye on what we want for ourselves this coming Summer. Do we want to flaunt fit and fabulous arms or toned thighs? Do we want to feel confident in shorts or mini-dresses or a bathing suit? These are the questions we ask ourselves, although […]

Men’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

I don’t particularly like the pressure of Valentine’s Day. I think it’s more of a Hallmark Holiday anyway. You know, a holiday that exists primarily for commercial purposes. It starts in elementary school when you have to buy everyone in the class a little 4×4 card with a sucker glued to it. (Don’t be the […]

Trends are Temporary, Beauty is Timeless

When you look at images of the “modern woman,” do you notice the current trend at play? As a premier cosmetic plastic surgery practice with offices in , , and , we see the trends come – and we see them go. Our awareness of trends drives two aspects of our practice. First, it drives […]

Aging Hands- Surgical Edition

We live in a world where outward appearance plays a role in personal success. At , we have a strong focus on helping individuals achieve their best, particularly involving appearance goals. A sometimes overlooked display of health and beauty are the very valuable and functional gift of hands. We have, in addition to non-surgical treatments […]

Spider Veins: Looking Like a Rand McNally Road Map?

When is the last time you felt confident wearing a pair of shorts? When was the last time you let your skirt go above the knee… above the calf…. or EVEN above the ANKLE? Starting to think a Rand-McNally road map was printed on your legs? These are things that many people have concerns about […]

January Men’s Corner- Feeling Good, Looking Better

2017 is here and it is a whole new year to take control of your look. Nashville gym executives are loving life these first weeks of January as new members eagerly sign up with hopes of making this the year they finally take control of their health and fitness. Were you one of these new […]

The Plastic Surgery Industry Changed My Life: January Edition

I first came to on March 2016 for a Breast Augmentation Revision. So, to tell this story, we are going to have to go back in time to 2003 when I had my second child. Two breastfeeding children left my chest deflated. I would not change breastfeeding, but now I was very self-conscious about my […]

The Plastic Surgery Industry Changed My Life- December Edition

My name is Brittany Sloan, I am 27 years old. I am from , Tn. I have always been insecure with the upper half of my body and my proportions. I was barely a B cup in my breast size. I always wanted an augmentation but always told myself that it wasn’t possible. I was […]

Aging Hands

What do you notice as you age? For me it’s the dreaded, wiry gray hair that seems to have grown 6 inches overnight. The crinkles at the side of my eyes even when I’m not smiling. The sagging (hello jowls), crepey skin and brown spots. There are many ways to treat these issues from visiting […]

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