Men’s Corner- December Edition

For some patients the potential to treat this area has never been easier. In the past, treatment options revolved mainly around liposuction vs. a neck lift with direct fat removal…both surgeries. Now buzzing continues around another “Non Surgical” option.

I would imagine that many of you have seen the advertisements for Kybella. Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid-a naturally occurring bile salt found in the body that dissolves fat. When injected into the area of concern, fat is dissolved and then absorbed. No surgery.

So some may say, “You mean to tell me, I come in, someone injects my double chin, and it goes away? And it’s that easy? What’s the catch?” Lucky you, that you have me writing this blog in that I don’t care about Kybella or the marketing buzz to make the news, I only care about your results.

The result of all treatment options depends on the patient’s starting point. Period. Many people are not candidates for Kybella. Many people need liposuction or more to truly have a good outcome. Does Kybella work, absolutely. Will it work for me? Maybe, it depends on a few things in my opinion. How much fat we are trying to sculpt, how loose is your skin to start, what is your time frame for improvement, and what are your expectations? The answers to those questions will decide what your best options are.


Kybella: Pros: It is effective in destroying the fat cells. It’s non-surgical with low overall risk. Cons: Most people require multiple treatments…(2-4 average) It can be expensive when you add up the treatments ($750-$1500 per treatment). It can be a longer process to obtain the results due to additional treatment sessions. Your double chin will be swollen and look fatter for the first week after the injection.

Liposuction: Pros: It works. It’s immediate. We can add laser energy to help tighten the skin. The cost is predictable (Average cost: $2,500-3,000) and it can be done in our office. Cons: It’s a surgical procedure. The risks are low to moderate. The recovery is mild overall, but you will probably not want to go to out for a few days.

So, how do you know what is your best option? You have to see a qualified provider. It’s the Wild West now-a-days. You have anyone and everyone doing “injections”. Beware of any provider that only offers one treatment option. One of my mentors once said, “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Make sure to see a provider who has all the tools in the bag or works closely with someone who does.

Our nurse injectors are great. They know the limits of the treatments we provide and can help guide you towards your goals.

Finally, I leave you with this. If you are a good candidate and desire non-surgical Kybella treatment to the area, the first 15 men to respond will receive a complementary Kybella treatment with the purchase of a second (savings of $1,800). Again, you will need to be seen to make sure you’re a candidate…but this is a great opportunity!

Call (615) 771-7718 to lock in your spot for the Kybella Special!