We know that planning around a busy social schedule can make it nearly impossible to schedule your treatments and procedures at the optimal time. A huge part of what we do is guide our patients through how long it will take them to fully recover after getting their Botox, filler, chemical peel, microneedling, and so much more. Planning around your schedule, the schedule of your provider, and the downtime your treatment requires before you look and feel your best can bring up a lot of questions. How long will it take for me to be back to normal? How long until I really see my results? With the busy holiday social season coming right around the corner, we decided to ask some of our providers to tell us their favorite treatment to get for the holidays and how far out you should plan to come in, as well as a message from our double-board certified plastic surgeron. Here we go!

Teresa Safford, Nurse Injector

“I would say that my favorite treatment to get myself is the old tried and true Botox! This year I’d also like to get some filler in my tear troughs and more in my lateral cheeks to compliment my face lift from June! I’d recommend doing filler treatments by late October/early November in order to be ready for a Thanksgiving event, and by late November for Christmas and/or New Year’s events. For Botox, a month before your event is ideal!”

Susan Vickers, Nurse Injector

“My favorite treatment to get holiday ready is mid-face and cheek volume. This injection treatment will help improve sagging in the lower face and re-volumize the apples of the cheeks. It gives a refreshed look to tired eyes as well in some cases. The lips are a quick, fun treatment as well. In both these cases, I would give 2-4 weeks to see the final result before your next big event”

Elizabeth Bruhin, Licensed Aesthetician

“Microdermabrasion helps to superficially resurface the skin by taking away dull, dead skin cells off the surface of the skin. It allows for more glowing skin, skin that can accept products more easily and products can then penetrate deeper into the skin to be more effective. It also helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and smoothes uneven texture. This treatment can be paired with mild to medium strength enzyme peel or firming and hydrating mask to further exfoliate the skin and help to tighten and brighten particularly for quick and painless results with no real downtime.”

Olivia Salmen, Nurse Injector

“Some great treatment options are jawline and lip filler, patients should schedule this ideally at least 2 weeks prior to an event. Filler in this area makes holiday lipsticks more fun and accentuates the angles of your face to refresh you before festivities begin!”

Michele Bailey, Nurse Injector

“My favorite treatment for the holidays is Botox or Dysport. It can take away that holiday “Grinch” look and make a stressed-out face look as calm as a “Silent Night”. The best time for a Botox/Dysport treatment is the 1st or 2nd week of November. Just in time for the Thanksgiving relatives and still on board for Christmas.”

Savannah Brasells, Licensed Aesthetician 

“My favorite treatment to have done before the holidays is a Hydrafacial. There is no downtime with hydrafacial, so you can do it whenever you want!

Hydrafacial leaves your skin with a beautiful glow, so it is good to do right before an event. For even better results, schedule a monthly Hydrafacial up until the time of the holiday or event you want to look your best for!”

Eva Irvin, Nurse Injector

“My favorite age-management pair when we are nearing the holiday season would have to be an HA filler and my usual Botox/Dysport treatment. Fillers and Botox are a wonderful combo of art and medicine, and it is most important that you and your nurse injector communicate well in order to achieve your desired results. I find that forehear Botox and filler around the mouth These treatments are ideally administered a month prior to any big event, however some results and seen immediately.”

Dr. Konrad Sarosiek

“As the holidays approach, we are so grateful at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery to have our very own state-of-the-art surgery center.  Our dedicated staff helps us perform over 1,200 procedures every year while providing highly individualized care to our patients on their journeys.  The center is on-site and only myself and Dr. Moore perform surgeries here – this makes it much easier for our patients to navigate the day of their surgery.  Hospitals and outside surgery centers can make scheduling complicated while our center is ready to help get patients scheduled so they may have surgery on their time. Whether it’s a mommy makeover, a facelift with fat grafting, or a breast augmentation, our patients receive the best care at a facility they already know and trust. Call us now to get scheduled for the busy holiday season!” *Click here to view the before and after gallery.

We hope it has been insightful to hear some of our injectors and aestheticians talk about their favorite holiday treatments. Schedules are filling up at all of our locations, and we’d love to get you booked! Our Doctors are scheduling surgery and consults months in advance, so we encourage you to get in touch so that we can talk over your New Years’ resolution. Click here to book online!