Liposuction is a fat-removal option that can be used on several parts of the body. It’s a surgical procedure that can be performed using small incisions between 4-5mm (as small as a pencil eraser!) to reach various areas of the body.  The small incisions lie in areas that are commonly hidden by your clothing or bathing suit. The recovery is faster than standard incision surgery and patients are back on their feet within a few weeks of surgery. The only drawback to liposuction is compression.  I ask my patients to wear compression for about 8 weeks depending on the body area. Compression is essential and allows the skin to stick itself down to the muscle underneath to give you amazing results. As you can see above, it can do more than just remove fat. Liposuction can also be used in conjunction with surgical procedures to create contour and give patients a healthy and fit-looking body. In the photos above, I added liposuction to my patient’s abdominoplasty which achieved her contoured abdomen. 

Liposuction can also be used to help improve the contour of the neck. With the increase in Zoom calls and video conferencing over the past year, many patients are more focused on the appearance of their necks and chin areas and are looking to get rid of the dreaded “double chin.” Neck liposuction can be a great option for these patients. Using three small incisions (one behind each ear lobe and one under the chin) fat can be removed from the neck in just under one hour. Patients have a relatively painless recovery and are able to work from home as early as the next day after surgery.  The procedure removes extra fat from the neck and results in an improved contour of the neck and a new jawline. 

How do you achieve and maintain the most beautiful result?

The answer is pretty simple: diet and exercise. Having healthy habits post-surgery will take your results far into the future and make them look even better. Some ideas that have helped our patients include: healthy meal delivery services, engaging in community exercise programs, online workout classes, and utilizing apps to help track and maintain your fitness goals. There are many options out there to help you maintain your beautiful results post-surgery but the bottom line is that you have to put some work in!  

I hope this was helpful in explaining how you can achieve your goals here at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery. If you are interested in seeing more results, check out our before and after gallery or follow me (@drsarosiek) on Instagram.