Spider Veins & Lasering

To laser or not to laser? That is the question.

Michele Bailey, RN is here to guide you on your quest to get rid of those pesky spider veins – and to do it the right way!

“To laser or not to laser spider veins? Great question! Spider veins of the legs are typically best treated by injections (Sclerotherapy), but if they are too small for injections (which is rare), they can be treated with a laser. Having treated veins both ways, I believe they respond much better to injections. Our professional organization, American College of Phleobology, states that injections are the “gold standard” in treating spider veins!

So, why would anyone use lasers for veins?! A few reasons. Vessels in the face can be injected, but do very well with laser and generally heal faster. Also, large varicose veins are often treated with lasers but used a very different way. Let me explain… EVLT (Endovenous Laser Treatement) is a procedure that uses lasers to go inside the vein and treat the vessels from within. It is a common procedure with most of the larger vein centers and can be an alternative to typical surgical intervention.

Risk factors? There is always a risk of burning of the skin, permanent discolorations (hypo/hyperpigmentation), pain, lack of results, and/or increase of the amount of vessels. Although rare, in some varicose treatments, blood clots can also pose a risk. But, have no fear! I have performed these treatments for over 10 years and have never had anything serious to go wrong.”

Think lasers might be the answer for you? Come see Michele at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery in Franklin or Mount Juliet for a consultation! With 20 years experience treating vessels and physician supervision, you will be in great hands!