Is a Tuck in your Future? Expect a Bite out of your Workout Routine!

There are valuable benefits that are gained by eating well and exercising daily. However, as many of our patients realize, these habits of a healthy lifestyle are no guarantee that the midsection will get or stay tight and toned. There are other factors at play here besides what you eat and how much you work out. The connective tissue and skin on the stomach get stretched during pregnancy and, in many cases, just as a result of age and variations in weight over years of time. In such instances, it is unlikely that even hundreds of crunches daily will produce the desired result. This is when abdominoplasty should be considered.

An Interesting Balance

One of the suggestions that patients hear as they approach their surgery is that they should maintain an active lifestyle to maximize the results of their tummy tuck. This recommendation, coupled with a personal inclination to look and feel great, could lead to a sense of urgency to get back to the gym, yoga studio, or other favorite activity. We say “not so fast.”

After abdominoplasty, there is a fine balance between being healthy and putting yourself at risk. The first month, this may not be a huge concern simply because soreness could keep you from feeling like doing much. During the first several weeks post-surgery, the best thing you can do for yourself is to eat well and rest as much as you need. “Cabin fever” can be offset by a short walk here and there, just stay on level ground.

As soreness subsides, you may feel as though you are ready to rock and roll again. This is the time to take care not to push too hard. Your abdominal muscles are not ready for crunches or any other strain. This means you must be careful in choosing how you work out. It takes more than avoiding sit-ups. It takes attention to your body and any stress that may be placed on muscles that are still healing.

It can take up to 6 months for the abdominal muscles to be back to 100%. Until that time, follow your doctor’s orders for exercise. If you have questions, we are happy to speak with you! Call (615) 771-7718.